Missile Technology Turned into Unmanned Systems Operations Application

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A new Airspace Management system will be deployed in Ottawa, Canada for real-time tracking and display of airborne and land-based unmanned systems. 

Kongsberg Geospatial will deploy its IRIS Airspace Management system at the new Area X.O test facility (formerly known as Ottawa L5). Area X.O Operations Center and test track officially launched this month will be used for ongoing research and development, while the Mobile Command Center will tour Canada to demonstrate to first emergency responders how they can use private wireless and unmanned systems for increased situational awareness when responding to disasters in unsafe conditions.

IRIS was developed based on technology originally created for missile defense applications, and has been developed to provide drone operators with enhanced situational awareness while operating unmanned aircraft and land vehicles. The system fuses data from a wide range of real-time sensors to provide drone pilots with a precise real-time picture of their operational airspace when piloting one or more unmanned vehicles beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS).

Area X.O is expected to enable diverse innovators and firms to develop, test, commercialize and export their solutions across many high-growth global markets. These include smart mobility, advanced communications, smart agriculture, defense and security, and smart cities, as reported by usaweekly.com.