First Drone U-Space in Scandinavia Announced

First Drone U-Space in Scandinavia Announced

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Mapping, infrastructure inspections, precision agriculture, delivery of goods and e-commerce are just some of the services possible using drones. Countries worldwide are competing to realise the full potential of drone technology by implementing infrastructure enabling a wide range of drone services. These services require a U-space, a set of services and a high level of digitalization and automation of functions designed to support safe, efficient and secure access to airspace for large numbers of drones. U-space connects all drones flying in the air and that makes all drones visible for authorities and citizens.

A U-space will be established by Denmark this year, following a partnership between the country’s air navigation service provider, public authorities and international UAS test center.

U-Space will be compliant with the upcoming EU regulations, which are expected to be approved in the autumn.

The first test flight is expected in the autumn, with plans to roll out the system to the entire country in due course, making Denmark the first country in Scandinavia to establish U-Space.

The agreement means that Naviair will implement a UTM-system at the HCA Airport in Odense, Denmark, according to