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NICE safe city solutions are gaining popularity in cities that have to host international events that demand very high degree of public safety and...

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IATA’s Plans Neglect the Human Factor in aviation security By Prof. Alan (Avi) Kirschenbaum As part of its 2012 annual review, the International Air Transport Association...

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The "combiner"- an Israeli system enables maximum utilization of surveillance cameras. A very important tool that enables to get the best output of surveillance cameras...

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Israel is looking for ways to close the gap above the security fence along its borders. Recently, Israel has completed a security fence along its...

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How to create a clean medical treatment area in places that were hit by terror or nature forces? Sys Technologies from Israel has developed the...

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Israeli defense industries are evaluating the development of versions of two Israeli systems designed to cope with the rocket threat, answering a growing need,...

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Following are excerpts from the letters we received from some of our supporters: Israel Livnat, CEO, Anteo wrote: I'd like to congratulate the new i-HLS internet site team,...
Moshe Keret

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iHLS is proud to welcome its Advisory board: Moshe Keret Former President and CEO of IAI Moshe Keret was appointed to President & CEO of IAI. At...

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Anti terror units show great interest in the SpotLite fire detection system made by Rafael.Snipers are still a very big problem to infantry soldiers...
Uzi Pro Pistol

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Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) has launched a US based subsidiary, IWI US, Inc. The company has leased a 21,000 sq. ft. facility in Harrisburg,...

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Elbit systems is adapting its C-Music countermeasures system against shoulder launched missiles to enable its use on small aircraft that perform domestic flights in Israel.

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One of the systems developed by Elbit Systems is a simulation trainer. Photo: Elbit Systems

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"Countries are increasing their investment in sealing their borders, an effort directly connected to the fears from terror actions. Such investments are directed att...

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