air defense patriot pac 3

Japan Deploying Advanced Patriot Missiles

Japan is enhancing its air defense. It will finalize the deployment of Patriot PAC-3 MSE air defense missile system to four military bases until...

Was Missile Technology Target of Cyberattack?

While ordinary cyberattacks, such as industrial espionage and information leakages, are classified as crimes, more serious acts can easily lead to a cyberwar between...
friend or foe

Vital Upgrading Friend or Foe Systems

Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) technology is central to all military operations as it acts as a modern-day ‘challenge and response’ password system based...

Japan Has Decided: Domestic Manufacture of New Stealth Fighter

Japan wants to develop a stealth fighter domestically. Japan has rejected designs from Lockheed Martin, Boeing and BAE Systems, sources told international news agencies.  That...

Japan Replacing Much of Air Force Fighter Fleet

The Japanese Air Force has recently flown the last of the nation’s RF-4E/J Phantom II reconnaissance jets for the last time. Some of the...
f-35 manufacturing

For First Time, Defense Industry Affected by Coronavirus 

A first indication that the coronavirus outbreak may begin to affect the highly integrated global defense industrial base. Two F-35-related facilities in Italy and...

Military Chips Under Export Control

Semiconductors are basic components in many modern weapons systems. A recent international move was apparently aimed at curbing the proliferation of military technology to...
photo illust. by Pixabay

Drone Network Operated on Special Mission in Japan

Drones can provide a rapid response to disasters, reaching spots that are not accessible to other means. Communications and connectivity in such incidents play...

Towards Olympic Games – Smart City Applications in Tokyo 

In preparation for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games slated for this summer in Japan, demand for drones and security robots has grown. The...
quantum encryption

New Player at Quantum Cryptography Field

Quantum cryptography is called the “ultimate code” as it is theoretically impossible to hack. Many countries have been rushing to put quantum cryptography into...

Join the Navy for Free Wifi

What would be the best way to recruit millennials to serve onboard naval ships? Probably by promising them high speed, free Wifi onboard.  Japan’s navy...
Japan's military R&D

Japan’s Military R&D is Shifting Focus

Over the backdrop of the changing security environment and new threats, Japan’s Ministry of Defense is rethinking the country’s research-and-development priorities. Three new areas...
face recognition

Cloud-Based Face Recognition Solution

A new development enables deep-learning powered facial recognition technology via a cloud-based service. It has been developed to recognize the whole face and certain...
final soryu class

Japan Launches Final Soryu Class Submarine

The Japanese Navy, or the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), has recently been preparing for their twelve and final Soryu-class diesel-electric attack submarine. The...
Japan Israel

Defense MoU Signed by Israel and Japan

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Israel Ministry of Defense and the Japan Ministry of Defense will strengthen defense relations between Israel and Japan. The...
Photo from ABIKO Youtube

Autonomous Passenger Drone Takes First Flight

Being used practically in everything from military operations to recreation, drones and UAVs have come a long way in the past ten years. As...
airport security

 Airport Security Market Still Influenced by 9/11 Attack

With a huge chunk of global population emerging as air-travelers, demand for safety and security from the aviation sector is propelling the airport security...
japan submarine

Japan’s Next Generation Submarines

  Japan has recently showed off the design for it next generation submarines, intended to replace the country’s Soryu class submarines by the early 2030s....
cyber weapon

Japanese Government to Develop Cyber-Weapons

    Japan’s Ministry of Defense has announced plans to create and maintain malware cyber-weapons that it plans to use for defensive reasons. Once developed, Japan will...

Is Japan Deviating from its Defense-Oriented Policy?

Japan has been known for its defense-oriented policy. However, Tokyo now plans to extend the range of its ASM-3 air-launched anti-ship missile in order...

Japan’s Cloud Storage Regulation

The Japanese government plans on strengthening its defenses against cyber attacks from China, among other nations. It aims to do so through regulating and...
iot security

Japan Takes Extreme Measures to Ensure IoT Security

Internet of Things (IoT) devices have a deserved reputation for being insecure, and Japan wants to do something about it. The country has just...