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A new development will provide soldiers with more protection than before, which will allow for a greater focus on the mission and increase survivability.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Soldiers have one of the most life-threatening jobs in the military. They not only must be able to defend themselves in the battle space, but also protect themselves from the unpredictable environment that explosives create.

Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier is addressing both of these concerns with the Next Generation Advanced Bomb Suit (NGABS), the latest development in Soldier protective equipment.

The NGABS increases Soldier readiness to respond to evolving threats by providing 360-degree ballistic protection and reducing weight burdens via its modular scalable design. The increased mobility and enhanced protection that these features offer can be tailored to various situations globally and support increased survivability of the force.

The NGABS’ innovative Modular Sensor Suite MSS incorporates visible, Low Light, and Long Wave infrared data and sensors with the ability to fuse them for display in the suit’s Heads Up Display (HUD). This pushes technology advancement in the C5ISR arena and delivers an increase in situational awareness that enhances mission capabilities.

NGABS also offers the first ever ballistic protection against small arms threats. 

The legacy ABS systems provide no situational awareness during obscured and low light level operations. With NGABS, the MSS is fed to the newly-designed HUD inside the bomb suit’s protective visor, according to