Advancement in Unmanned Helicopter Upgrading 

The U.S. Navy, with support from Northrop Grumman Corporation, commenced flight testing of the MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned helicopter equipped with the Leonardo AN/ZPY-8...

Revolutionary Quantum Detection Technology Developed

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon whereby two particles remain interconnected, sharing physical traits regardless of how far apart they are from one another....

IAI is Diversifying its Ground Operations

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) continues to diversify its ground operations with the acquisition of the manufacturing of Zibar, Zmag, and ZD vehicle from off-road...

New Factor in Counter-IED Warfare

Besides deploying specially armored vehicles and using defensive equipment such as jamming devices, mine roller attachments, armed forces have to regularly check routes for...

Domestically-Developed Radars Unveiled by Iran

In another move to further enhance its air defense capability, the Iranian military announced that it has developed its own state-of-the-art radar system. The...

NASA Accelerating Commercial UAV Operations

NASA’s goal to help accelerate routine UAV operations into the US national airspace has moved one step closer with a successful flight demo. The...

Iran is Upgrading its Drone Program

Iran has been upgrading its drone program. Although Iranian drones have usually taken an observational role, rather than a direct-action stance, Iranian drone capabilities...

Miniature Device that Would Help Cover Vehicle Blind Spots

A new miniature radar launched recently is designed for use in autonomous vehicles. and could also be helpful for drones and robots. The Moscow-based company...

Meet New Counter-Drone Solution

The low altitude flight and small size of small drones make them hard to track. Therefore they have become an increasing threat to militaries,...

Israeli Innovation: Radar System Will Monitor COVID-19  Patients

The National Emergency Team of the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) in the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD) has adapted two systems...
counter drone

New Tool for Counter-Drone Technology Developers

Small, low flying, non-cooperative drones is can be detected and identified by radars. A database of drone radar cross-sections (RCS) has been made public...

New Milestone Achieved in Counter-Missile Radar Technology

A new stage on the way to improve the US. defense against ballistic missile threat. The US Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) Long Range Discrimination...

Off-the-Shelf-Based Technology Succeeds in Counter-Drone Mission

Unmanned aerial vehicles can constitute a genuine threat to ground and maritime targets. A new system that can autonomously detect, track, and classify unmanned...

Autonomous Driving Even Under Bad Weather Conditions 

Ground-penetrating radar may soon be the sensor that makes cars autonomous in all weather conditions. Developed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the technology has proven...

Innovation in Layered Counter-UAS Defense

Drone attacks on US forces around the world are increasing, and the need to protect military bases without effects to local communities has been...
Falco Xplorer UAV

24-Hours Endurance – New Dual-Use UAV

A new 24-hours endurance unmanned aerial vehicle has completed its maiden flight. Built by Italy’s Leonardo, the Falco Xplorer drone which offers persistent multi-sensor...
drone detection

Heathrow Airport Got 5km-Range Drone Detection 

Illegal drone flights are a growing problem for airports, utilities and factories. London Heathrow Airport has recently deployed a new system aimed at preventing...
Iron Fist System

Elbit Systems to Supply the IDF with Iron Fist Systems

Elbit Systems was awarded an initial contract from the Production and Procurement Directorate of the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) to provide Iron Fist...
Japan's military R&D

Japan’s Military R&D is Shifting Focus

Over the backdrop of the changing security environment and new threats, Japan’s Ministry of Defense is rethinking the country’s research-and-development priorities. Three new areas...

Innovation in BVLOS UAV Flight

The ability to fly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) significantly improves their effectiveness and potential. Countries around the...
miniaturized radar system

This Miniaturized Radar will Revolutionize European Capabilities

In the future, enemy radars are likely to use technologies and software to make it harder to identify their signals and locate their source....
counter uav system

$900 Million Spent by the US on Counter-UAV Solutions

Counter-UAV technologies are becoming a high-priority mission in the US defense realm. During 2019, the US spent about $900 million on counter-UAV solutions, according...