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Current combat vehicles are limited to line-of-sight targeting and surveillance systems. But what if they had their UAVs that they could dispatch kilometers and miles in advance just to help the teams see and target beyond line of sight?

An impressive innovative technology for launching and recovering unmanned aerial vehicles from a moving combat vehicle was recently exposed.

The Talon UAV launch and recovery systems was developed by Target Arm. It is a very “simple design, applicable to any vehicle, wheeled or tracked,” said Don Sando, deputy to the commanding general of the Army Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, Georgia. “The ability to launch and recover aircraft from a moving platform really helps our ground formations on a battlefield, where we know they have to move quickly. Anytime you stop, you become a target.”

For now, there isn’t an Army requirement for the Talon system, but the technology could be submitted to the Robotic Enhancement Program (REP), according to