Europe Purchasing Anti-Drone Systems


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Europe’s anti-drone market reached $96.1 million in 2018, representing the third largest regional market in the world. A new anti-drone system has been recently ordered by the European Ministry of Defense for an unknown but large European military force. 

The European Ministry has put in the $100,000 order for DroneShield’s RadarZero anti-drone portable system. The order is for a test run to see if the equipment works well and is a worthy investment. If so, the Ministry will likely purchase more of the same product and a few others to go along with it.

RadarZero is a revolutionary ruggedized metamaterials-based radar. It is powered by the DroneShieldComplete Command-and-Control (“C2”) system.

Weighting only 1.25kg, this anti-drone radar enables effective detection and tracking of nefarious drones. It has been designed for deployment at airports, military bases, and other important buildings that require a drone-free airspace. It can detect and track up to 20 small drones from around 3,273 feet away, according to 

The system can send real-time reports of rogue drones via email and SMS or via the company’s platform.

  • Early Warning: Highly functional radar designed specifically for UAS (drone) detection.
  • High Track Acquisition Rate: New detection threats and radar tracks can be established in less than 1 second.
  • Mobile: Highly compact, lightweight design, perfect for mobile and rapid deployments.
  • Plug & Play: Superior on-board technology allows the RadarZero to be set up and operational in minutes. No calibration required.
  • Integrated: Seamlessly integrates with other detection technologies within the DroneShield GUI, enabling RadarZero’s highly accurate data feed to confirm drone threats.
  • Airport Safe: RadarZero was independently certified as safe for deployment in an airport environment, as reported by