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Focus Telecom has launched a revolutionary new cyber product, GPSdome, which protects GPS devices from electronic jamming. The new GPS anti-jamming is designed to protect civilian factories and institutions, including the cars and mobile devices industries.

IMG_1395 - editedGPS satellites are involved in every field of life – in military fields such as locationing and timing, as well as navigation for critical missions (police, ambulances, fire fighters, money delivery and more). They are also used for synchcronizing control rooms, various communication networlds, computerized systems and much more. Unlike the military field, GPSdome is meant to offer a solution for the new wave of GPS jammers for general uses, easily obtained today via the internet at a low cost of just tens of dollars.

The GPSdome is mostly unique in its low cost, possible thanks to innovative miniaturization technology and designated planning against close-range jammers. The GPSdome has a perennial development program, in which the next generations of the product are to undergo significant improvement of performance as well as be offered for less money due to mass production. GPSdome is not competing against existing anti-jammers meant for military electronic warfare equipment in the battle field which cost over $30,000 per unit. The GPSdome will be offered at the price of only $1,950.

The company plans to start commercial delivery at the end of this year. Exportation and global marketing will begin at the start of 2017 using the marketing and distribution of the world’s largest companies for GPS systems and devices.