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The constant improvement in computer technology is bringing DNA comparison techniques and identification to the next level. In terms of public safety and law enforcements needs, identifying DNA in order to trace genealogies is particularly relevant for forensic uses.
A new forensic genealogy service offers law enforcement investigators and crime laboratories advanced DNA testing and genealogy to develop ancestral relationships between samples and deliver leads to clients.
The DNA tests technology has been around for the past 20 years, providing forensic DNA testing services for clients across the world to identify perpetrators of crimes, identify the missing and exonerate the innocent.
The results are entered into the national DNA database and investigative leads are developed from the matches within the database, however not all samples result in matches.
The new service, offered by Bode Technology, is a logical expansion of its service offerings to support the law enforcement community. By incorporating Bode’s accredited forensic laboratory, accredited clinical testing laboratories, and board certified and experienced genealogists, the program offers a high-quality, turn-key solution for clients from sample submission through confirmation testing.
“Our history is built on providing quality services to our clients and helping victims of crime seek justice. Offering advanced DNA testing services is the next step to identifying more investigative leads and delivering a positive impact on public safety”, a company official said, according to
“Our first case processed has already helped identify a likely perpetrator of a nearly 20-year old cold case homicide.”
The service provides forensic accredited DNA services for sample handling, extraction and confirmation testing. The company partnered with an accredited laboratory for SNP testing (measurement of genetic variations) and board certified and experienced genealogists to perform the genealogy research.
The company operates one of the most internationally respected private forensic DNA laboratories and provides a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art forensic DNA collection products, DNA analysis services, and research services to law enforcement, the justice system and other government agencies around the world.