Situational Awareness in dense urban scenes

Ness Technologies Sixth sense solution is now offered also in a portable mode which enables Homeland Security forces to move the system according to...
LiFi communication

Attend INNOTECH 2021 Cyber, HLS and Innovation Conference & Exhibition

iHLS is proud to present the international Cyber, Homeland Security Technologies, and Innovation Conference and Exhibition: INNOTECH 2021. November 17-18, 2021 at EXPO Tel Aviv,...
high-speed pursuit

New Police Tool for High-Speed Pursuits

The cost of high-speed pursuit can be high: there is a risk of injury or death to officers, bystanders, and offenders, financial exposure for...
cctv-surveillance-camera. image by pixabay

AI In CCTV Technology – Future Surveillance Cameras

The UK is often referred to as one of the most surveilled nations on Earth. The total number of CCTV cameras in the UK...
video evidence

How to Manage The Flood of Digital Video Evidence?

A new Unified Digital Evidence (UDE) software technology solution has been introduced for law enforcement agencies and criminal prosecutors – moving beyond body camera...

Robot to Disarm Suspects at Airports

The Chinese AnBot robot was introduced to a terminal in one of China’s busiest airports, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, to help with security checks...

The Internet of Criminal Justice

The American research institute RAND has published a research according to which internet-based technologies could aid criminal justice agencies and law enforcement in general...

The Necessary Use of Terrain Dominance Technologies

In today’s world of terror threats and subversive elements operating within countries’ borders, intelligence has never been more crucial. With no opposing country to...
autonomous vehicle and unmanned system

iHLS Presents: The Future Unmanned Systems

On September 18th, 2017, iHLS will host its largest event for the 5th time, the Autonomous Vehicle and Unmanned System Salon, AUSַ&R. One of the...

Safe City meets Big Data on the corner of Video Analytics

With the advent of technological development and the significant reduction in the cost of video end user devices, one would be hard pressed to...

Law Enforcement Robotics – New Anti-Terrorist Means

Law enforcement robot markets at $1 billion in 2015 are anticipated to reach $5.7 billion by 2022, according to a new market research report....

License Plate Reader – Efficient Law Enforcement Device

Vehicle license plate readers have become a useful tool in the police arsenal. The reader’s cameras hook to a patrol car’s light bar and trunk...

Protecting Internet of Things from malicious attacks

In this day and age, when IoT (Internet of Things) is fast becoming a key feature of everyday life, any malicious strike and intentional...
weapon detection

New Weapon Detection Solution Might Prevent Next Active Shooter Attack

New security tools are needed to prevent the types of mass shootings that have become endemic to US culture in recent years. With policymakers...

Big Data – Big Brother’s Appetite Grows Steadily

By Arie Egozi “Big Brother” likes his information in large quantities, but neat so he won’t have any trouble seeing what is important. This is...

Will body cameras become a standard in the Israeli police?

Body-worn cameras are rather small. Thus, they can be comfortably attached to a shirt pocket, collar, hat, or even specially designed sunglasses. Nevertheless, they...

InnoTech 2020: How COVID-19 Changed Cyber & HLS World: Special Broadcast...

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the multiple challenges states and cities are currently facing. Technology has become more and more important in our daily...
smart building Pixabay

Game Changer in Smart Building Safety

Smart homes are not just smart thermostats and bulbs, but also personal security. A new collaboration between RapidSOS, an emergency technology company, and 911inform,...

Vehicular Cybersecurity – Also for Police Car Fleet

Researching vehicular cybersecurity and its role in future law enforcement was the focus of the first part of a project carried out as a...

iHLS Security Accelerator Graduate Wins Smart City Project in Mexico

A developer of innovative behavioral recognition systems for real-time video intelligence will improve city safety and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic....
vital law enforcement tools

Drones as Vital Law Enforcement Tools

Drones have become powerful and vital law enforcement tools. Police in Norfolk, England, will soon be using drones to help search for missing people,...

Could Facial Recognition Prevent The Next Terror Attack?

The departments of Defense and Homeland Security have invested in technology to prevent attacks like the one in Brussels, including facial recognition technology that...


Image from video

Ukraine’s Sea Baby Drones Just Got Deadlier

Ukraine improves its autonomous maritime capability by upgrading its “Sea Baby” multi-purpose unmanned surface vehicle (USV), which is now primarily focused on providing security...