The Future of Navigation Systems?

Drones offer the possibility of reaching the world’s less accessible corners. "What3words" makes mapping, inspecting and delivering to those corners easier by giving them...
smart building Pixabay

Game Changer in Smart Building Safety

Smart homes are not just smart thermostats and bulbs, but also personal security. A new collaboration between RapidSOS, an emergency technology company, and 911inform,...

Police Covering Tech Gap

A 21st-century police vehicle is a camera, cellular link, and computer system. Police who investigate crime scenes can record every detail of the location...

SAP To Help Achieve Smart Cities

SAP SE announced that it is expanding its commitment to help urban leaders deliver a high quality of life to their citizens, building on...

Freeze, Your’e Under a 3D Scan

New 3D scanning technologies may have applications that could advance the police work. When it comes to impressing jurors, crime scene investigators are feeling the...

Towards the IoT Conference

  The Internet of Things (IoT) is an innovative field developing rapidly. In daily life it is about connecting computers and various smart devices such...

New Home Awareness System Encorporates Drone and Smart Lights

A system of smart lights communicating with a a camera-equipped quadcopter drone will help secure homes and even call law enforcement forces. Sunflower Labs are...
ihls security accelerator

Security Accelerator’s Innovative Developments Showcased at Missile Defense Conference

Side by side with the impressive weapon systems presented at the exhibition of the IAMD Missile Defense Conference, the hundreds of visitors had the...
big data for homeland security

Great Interest in IHLS Big Data for Homeland Security Conference

iHLS fifth annual conference on Big Data for Homeland Security attracted many technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs and representatives of the high-tech industries, defense industries,...

New Player in The Sensor Tech Revolution

The American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics), a public-private partnership, recently announced a new Defense Department project. The AIM Photonics initiative will...


Israeli companies are trying to develop systems that will improve the security of schools in the United States against shooters. In the meantime, teachers...

iHLS TV Weekly Video Report – March 3rd 2015

Register to iHLS Israel Homeland Security In this weekly Video report (March 3rd 2015): The international campaign against ISIS Bad Iran Deal in the Offing Innovative Face Recognition...
high-speed pursuit

New Police Tool for High-Speed Pursuits

The cost of high-speed pursuit can be high: there is a risk of injury or death to officers, bystanders, and offenders, financial exposure for...