big data

Are you a Disruptive Big Data Startup?

Big data technologies enable us to identify patterns, trends and new details by automatically screening huge amounts of data. In the intelligence, security and...

Does the intelligence community really get Hadoop?

The intelligence community is collecting more data than ever. But does that mean the intelligence gleaned from these massive new stores of data is...

Kaspersky Lab Presents a Forecast for 2045

Robots Replacing People, Robots Serving People. About 30 years ago the personal computer began to make its way into regular use – and it went...

The CIA will increase its cyber operations

Cyber warfare is a growing an imminent threat on the U.S. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is planning to join the growing list of...

Cyberattacks Take Further Advantage of Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

What were the major trends in the global cyberspace during 2017? According to a report by Clear Sky Cyber Security, the main attacks were...

Blockchain to Secure Military Networks

The digital currency Bitcoin caught the Pentagon’s eyes as a potential cybersecurity shield. The US military has been open about their interest in Blockchain...

Yahoo To Warn Users Of State Sponsored Hacking

Yahoo is now starting to warn users if they’ve been targeted by state-sponsored hackers, following similar moves by Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The announcement came...

Internet of Things – for Smart and Secure City Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) merges software and hardware with network connectivity, for the benefit of creating smart cities and safe cities. IoT devices -...

Is a cyber-Pearl Harbor likely?

A surprise cyber attack on U.S critical infrastructure – an imminent scenario? Cybersecurity experts often contemplate how U.S. security agencies would react to a cyber-9/11...
cyber warfare

Joining Forces in Cyber Warfare – Historical Move

NATO recently announced the creation of Cyber Operations Center as part of an overall effort to update and adopt a more expansive and efficient...

Cyber attacks on defense satellites ? the threat grows

The U.S is worried that some " national hackers force" will try to disrupt the function of its defense intelligence and communication staellites. In recent...
smartphone password security

New Smartphone Password Security Breach Found

New study from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has found a new security breach that hackers could use to guess your phone's PIN...
startup festival

Startup Festival – Call for Pitches in All Technology Fields

We are delighted to invite you to participate in a unique event and present on our stage your original ideas to investors, customers and...
iot security

IoT Security Threats Are Not Taken Seriously by Companies

A new wave of cyberattacks is expected to hit global energy sectors, and the US Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of...

Cyber-crime: A National Security Issue?

By Lior Tabansky INSS – Cyber Warfare Program Cyberspace, an offshoot of the development of computer and digital communications technologies, has in recent decades become part...
mobile communication

A Startup Company is Securing Mobile Communication Privacy for US Enterprises

The iHLS Security Accelerator is home to many innovative and successful startups. ListenApp is one of the first startups that's participated in the accelerator...

Pentagon to Spend Much More on Cybersecurity

An extra $400 million next year for cyber security projects in the U.S Leaders of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) plan to boost their...

Cloud computing and web-born IT threats

Kaspersky Lab Achieves VMware Ready - vCloud Air Status under Access Tier in vCloud Air Air ISV Program. Kaspersky Lab announced today that Kaspersky Anti-Virus...
smart city

IoT and Smart City Vulnerabilities

The technological advancements posed by the Internet of Things (IoT) have far-reaching benefits for the cities who adopt them. Smart Cities such as Barcelona,...

Smart lights for environmental monitoring

Many cities around the United States have begun using LED lightbulbs in their street lamps in order to save energy and money, as the...
homeland security market

Significant Growth in Middle East HLS Market

The Middle East homeland security market is on course for significant growth. A recent study by Analysts Frost & Sullivan (F&S) says revenues are...

Civil Aviation Cyber Security Put to Test

The cyber security of civil aviation has been put to the test recently. A team of government, industry and academic officials successfully demonstrated that...


Guido de Croon / TU Delft|MAV Lab

Tiny Drone Gets AI Eyes to Navigate Autonomously

An autonomous navigation system for small, light drones inspired by insects combines visual homing (using visual cues for orientation) with odometry (measuring distance in...