command and control

US Army Resumes Contract With Command and Control Provider

Comtech Telecommunications Corp.‘s Command & Control Technologies group has been awarded contract modifications for $4.2 million. The modifications are part of a five-year sustainment...

Exposure to Defense Industries – One-Time Opportunity for Startups!

This happens only once a year! iHLS’ unique Startup Competition is a one-time opportunity for startups - in one day you can get exposure to...
emergency response UAV

Valuable Critical Information Achieved During Environmental Disaster

Unmanned aerial systems have many advantages in first response efforts during disasters. During the 2019 Kim Kim river toxic pollution crisis in Malaysia, Schiebel’s...

Interested in Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic Effectively and in Real-Time? 

The coronavirus pandemic is a global emergency scenario that requires readiness as part of the national preparedness strategy for emergency and crisis situations.  The suitable...
smart city

Tel-Aviv Municipality CIO: COVID-19 Crisis has Reflected Urgent Need to Accelerate...

The technologies are already here, substantial breakthroughs can be achieved in Israel’s smart city technologies, said Liora Shechter, CIO, Tel-Aviv Municipality. The transformation of cities...
future forces

Attend Leading Conference & Exhibition: Future Forces

Interested in innovation in the defense and security field? Join us and learn from the leading defense industries and the best experts about the...
speech recognition

Speech Recognition Tech in Service of Police

When police officers are busy entering incident reports into their patrol car laptop, they often face severe challenges such as decreased situational awareness, distraction...
anti-submarine warfare

New Israeli Development in Anti-Submarine Warfare

Innovative development in the realm of the anti-submarine warfare was demonstrated. A new multi mission Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) system was demonstrated live by...
future forces

Register for iHLS Future Forces Conference & Exhibition!

Where Will You Be on May 9, 2018? Join us and learn from the leading defense industries and the best experts about the latest...
mobile mapping system

New Mobile Mapping System Integrates Lidar & Inertial Navigation System

Geographical mobile mapping systems have become an important component of unmanned aerial vehicles. Together with heavy-payload, low-cost drones and the opening of the civil...
situational awareness

Israeli Technology will Enhance Situational Awareness in Urban Warfare

In urban areas, where the force team faces hidden threats, there is a need to have a complete picture even with closed hatches. A...
traffic management

Anticipating Millions of Drones, Europe Deploys Traffic Management Tech

Anticipating millions of drones in its skies, Europe has taken measures to manage the traffic in its airspace. Skyguide, the Swiss air navigation service...

GEOINT Trends That will Dominate Industry

In the defense and homeland security fields, the term Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) is typically used for the capability of monitoring, predicting and countering threats,...
first trsponders

‘Hey DAISI’ – New Speech Recognition Tech for First Responders

First responder teams are often in critical response scenarios where hands-free communications would improve both safety and efficiency. Current speech recognition systems work reasonably...

Reimagining Public Safety in 2022

First response and public safety operations have been confronting emerging and continuing threats, such as cyber-attacks and COVID-19 implications. Using data to drive changes in...
naval UAVs

Drones to the Forefront of Naval Warfare

The US Navy and Marine Corps are making a serious effort to more heavily incorporate drones into their operations. The developing abilities of competitors such...
Photo illus. IDF Spokesperson digital tranrsformation-

IDF in Midst of Digital Transformation 

Connectivity is the major enabler of cooperation among all the military arms at the battlefield. All the players are interconnected and operate with a...
Drone. image by pixabay

Ground Control Solution Developed For Drones

A next-generation ground control solution for drones has been unveiled. Crysalis developed by AeroVironment is an integrated hardware and software-based ground control system (GCS)...
rescue simulator

World’s First Emergency Network Developed by IAI and Carbyne 

During large-scale crises, operational failures are caused in communications networks. While commercial networks play a crucial role in traditional mass-alert solutions, circumstantial vulnerabilities can...
world's first helmet

World’s First Helmet with 360-Degree Video

Protecting law enforcement officers and supplying them with situational awareness has become more and more important over the backdrop of evolving threats. A new...
5g drone

Promising Arena for 5G Technology

5G networking - the fifth-generation mobile network - can provide various advantages in the maritime arena, with solutions for potential use in national defense...

Management of Intelligence Gathering and AI-Based Terrain Dominance Missions in the...

Creating situational awareness with regards to enemy forces presents a complex operational and technological challenge in the modern era. Western technological superiority drives the...