New Tool in Counter-Terrorism Arsenal

One of the growing terrorism threats on the US comes not from abroad but from domestic individuals and small groups, fueled by racist and...

Audrey to Assist First Responders on Emergency

The information the responder needs to fulfill the mission is immeasurable. When you also consider the volume of data they receive from other responders,...
airbus helicopters

Towards Full Helicopter Automatization

Airbus Helicopters has gone a step further in the experimentation of its Project EAGLE (Autonomous Guidance and Landing Extension), with the in-flight validation of...
5G illustration

5G Technology Applications in Military Bases

The US wants to investigate fifth generation wireless technologies’ potential to facilitate and secure smart bases of the future, promote autonomous transport for Pentagon...
smart helmet

The Smart Helmet Potential in Growing Market

Wearable technology has become more and more popular in the military and aerospace industry as well as in the civilian market. These technologies include...
future forces

Future Forces Will Use Groundbreaking Smart Driving System

Future forces might be able to use a smart system for military vehicles that could revolutionize driving in all kinds of terrain and conditions....

New Approach to Drone Fleet Management

A new long-term approach to unmanned aerial vehicle fleet management will help US government agencies update and streamline their diverse and growing UAV fleets. Auterion...

Turning Point in Global Airborne ISR Market

The increasing integration of Android and iOS-based devices is a major trend in the global airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) market. The Android...
search and rescue

Unexpected Communication Channel for Search and Rescue

First responders, soldiers, hazard material teams, etc. need hand-free communications equipment in order to be able to concentrate more on their missions. The development...
criminal intelligence

Unified Platform for Criminal Intelligence

A new national criminal intelligence system has been launched in Australia after completing a two-year pilot of the nascent inter-jurisdictional platform. Now the Australian...
safe city

Defense Program for the Risks of Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) has reached a stage of technological development serving diverse applications – from highly efficient manufacturing, medicine and massive information analysis to...

Future Soldier will Enjoy Highest Connectivity

One of the challenges confronted by dismounted soldiers is that the action of maintaining laser target identification is slow and can expose the soldier...
weapon sight

New Android-Based Sight To Send Image Directly to Command Center

After years of designing, checking and testing, Elbit’s subsidiary Elsec has completed the development of the Xact sight, a brand new weapon sight that...

Robotic Contact Lenses Are the Sensors of Tomorrow

Out of all the military sensors used and deployed, there is likely no other sensor that is used as often as the human eyeball....

Innovative Solution for World’s Busiest Airport

The world's busiest airport - the Dubai International (DXB) - has launched an advanced system that monitors airport operations in real-time and visualizes traffic...