police car

Smart Vehicle Technology to Counter COVID-19 Effect

First responders are on the front lines protecting the public during the global COVID-19 pandemic. They are exposed to the virus and are in...

Opportunity or Setback? 5G Tech and Coronavirus Crisis

5G wireless technology for digital cellular networks brings large bandwidths and low delay in supporting China’s struggle against the Coronavirus. On the other hand,...
facial recognition

Intriguing Trend in Facial Recognition Use

Governments, companies, and organizations around the world are leveraging facial recognition for a wide variety of use cases in areas such as security, retail,...

COVID-19 Effect: What is Smart City’s Direction?

While market forecasts paint a rosy picture of smart city investment, many municipalities around the world are slashing their budgets as the economic fallout...

Wearable Device Predicts Soldier’s Health

A highly contagious illness can really disrupt military operations, as in the case of the USS Theodore Roosevelt COVID-19 stricken aircraft carrier last April...

Drones’ New Mission

Around the world, authorities are turning to drones in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, using them to enforce lockdowns and disinfect urban areas....

Coronavirus Vaccine Weeks Away From Clinical Trials

It has been very difficult to avoid the coronavirus lately, if not physically then digitally. Ever since the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the...

 Critical Infrastructures Employees Facing Cyber Challenge

With the global efforts to block the spread of the Coronavirus, people are working from home at an unprecedented scale. Alongside challenges of network...
digital innovation

Digital Innovation – Key Element in Coping with Next Global Crisis

The global COVID-19 crisis is still at heightened levels, however, some organizations are already looking to technological innovation to reduce the impact of a...

COVID-19 Effect – Tokyo Olympics Cybersecurity Measures Increased

The forthcoming Tokyo Olympics events due to open on July 23 could be targeted by cyberattacks, especially over the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic....
drone delivery

Has COVID-19 Accelerated Drone Delivery Flights in Israel?

For the first time: BVLOS Multi-Drone Test Flight Authorized by Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority  Within the framework of preparations for drone flights for various missions...
density control

New Density Control Technology 

With social distancing an ongoing requirement in public places due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new Density Control Solution will help supermarkets, retailers, post...

Israel Ministry of Defense Launches Expedited Move to Cope with Coronavirus

In an attempt to support the preparedness to cope with the coronavirus, the Israeli defense establishment has launched an expedited procurement operation worth approximately...
Photo illus. hacker by Pixabay

Hospitals Confronted With New Threat

A public health district in Illinois paid hackers a $350,000 ransom after facing a ransomware attack, an attack in which hackers lock up a...

2021 Predictions: Hackers will Continue to Exploit COVID-19 Vulnerabilities

In 2021, remote working due to COVID-19 will require that organizations better secure their new distributed networks and cloud deployments to keep their applications...

Bomb-Sniffing Dogs to Be Replaced by Technology

An innovative solution for aircraft and airport security operations might replace bomb-sniffing dogs. The “electronic nose” device that uses biological cells to sniff dangerous...

Bluetooth Signals Help Prevent COVID-19 Contagion

Smartphone signals could automate COVID-19 contact tracing while preserving privacy. A new system could send bluetooth signals to nearby devices in order to notify...

LiDAR Tech for Social Distancing Enforcement

Social distancing has become a major requirement in the COVID-19 era. 3D LiDAR sensors work by emitting pulsed light waves, which bounce off surrounding...

Third Production Line of Respirators in Israel Within One Week

Israel’s National Technological Center for Fight Against the Coronavirus, led by Israel MoD's Directorate for Defense R&D (DDRD) and Elbit Systems has set up...

Touchless ID Authentication in COVID-19 Era

One of the challenges of the return to normal air travel is the identity checks in airports. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is...

Smart Helmet Providing COVID-19 Crowd Screening

Various surveillance technologies are offered globally to keep track of the COVID-19 spread. One of them is a smart helmet for law enforcement officers,...
Photo illust Pixabay

New Kind of Security Checkup Tested in Airport

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is testing technologies to modernize the travel experience and help people stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. SEA Spot Saver is...


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Ukraine’s Sea Baby Drones Just Got Deadlier

Ukraine improves its autonomous maritime capability by upgrading its “Sea Baby” multi-purpose unmanned surface vehicle (USV), which is now primarily focused on providing security...