Smart city traffic. image by pixabay

Drones In Smart Cities – One Step Into The Future

High-rise buildings require regular inspections. With accelerating digitization, the need for structural scans is growing while pilot availability is limited. A new drone charging...
Drone. image by pixabay

Military Resupply Will Be Led By Drones?

Soon, a new drone will enable faster and more efficient military resupply. Any effective military is one where the combat forces are the sharp...

The Solution To Maritime Resupply

The UK Royal Navy is exploring the use of drones to deliver lightweight supplies to vessels at sea. Given that seven out of ten...
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An Autonomous Maritime Replenishment System?

The US Defense Department is set to trial a full-scale autonomous ocean-going replenishment system. The technology-driven kits transform existing barges into self-moving platforms that...
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Disposable Resupply Glider In Testing

Autonomous resupply gliders will take part in a large-scale US Special Operations Command exercise later this year. The Department of Defense needs to supplement...
Photo illust. drone delivery by Pixabay

Drone Delivery – Tech Giant Announces Imminent Flights 

How do you get items to customers quickly, cost-effectively, and safely? While flying a light payload a short distance within line of sight can...
Photo illus. CH-47 Chinook helicopter by US DoD

US Special Operations Forces Are Getting Most Updated Helicopters

The MH-47 Chinook helicopter variants are the primary heavy-lift transport helicopters for the U.S. Army’s Special Operations. Six new helicopters will be built for...
photo illus. by Wikimedia

U.S. Forces Are Preparing for The Next Supply Chain Crisis

Supply chain disruptions cause delays and increase prices, harming both the public and private sectors. Because of these reasons, the U.S. military wants to...
Photo illus. Pxfuel

Critical Supply Chains Are Vulnerable to Increasing Threats

It appears that supply chains crucial to the US economy and national security are vulnerable to cyber threats.  US President Biden’s executive order on America’s...
urban mobility

The Missing Link in Drone Delivery Operations

Micro weather forecasting is essential with drone deliveries and air taxi operations. With most UAS weighing less than 55 pounds, even mild gusts of...
Photo illus.. climate change by Pixabay

Global Warming Impact on the Battlefield

The US Defense Department accounts for 56 percent of the federal government’s carbon footprint and 52 percent of its electricity use. Global warming will...
Photo illust. drone delivery by Pixabay

New Player in the Air Freight Arena

The production of a large autonomous cargo drone, the Natilus, will soon start, promising to contribute to the reduction of both the cost and...
Photo illust. Pixabay - 5G communication

5G Tech Demonstrated for Defense Logistics

AT&T successfully demonstrated its 5G networking capabilities for defense applications. The company completed its first milestone toward proving the capabilities of its 5G network...
hydrogen power

Auto-Giant to Provide Power Systems to Military Bases

There will be more demand for generators as vehicles switch from internal combustion to electric power. Police departments and municipal governments will need backup...

Hybrid Solution for Offshore Installation Inspection 

Traditional and widely-used methods in underwater inspections often involve challenges with time, energy, monetary costs, and human risks, where workers would need to use...
photo illus. cybersecurity by Pixabay

Israel Establishes Command Center for Transporation Cybersecurity

The world understands that advanced transportation means and infrastructure require resilient cybersecurity and physical protection. Supply chain problems have been causing food and product...
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This Tech Is Key To A Successful Defense Strategy

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the military sphere has been widening in many countries. AI can be defined as a family of general-purpose...

Automation of Vital Resource will Be Based on Artificial Intelligence

Companies are using augmented reality technologies in their manufacturing processes. Lockheed Martin, for example, uses augmented reality goggles in assembling its space systems for...

Tire Giant is Revolutionizing Robotics

With the growing use of ground robots for all sorts of missions, reliable tires are needed for keeping robots on the move around the...

Good Luck to the Startups Selected for INNOFENSE Innovation Center’s Second...

The second batch of the INNOFENSE Innovation Center is being launched today! Eight innovative projects out of 120 startups that applied were selected for...
photo illus. drone by Pixabay

This Solution will Bridge Gap in Confined Space Inspection 

Confined spaces such as industrial installations, storage tanks, etc. are challenging for routine inspection and maintenance, with possible risks to worker teams. An unmanned solution...
unmanned systems

Rapid Response Drone Network Launched

At a time when efficient vaccine and medication delivery is crucial, new drone network technology allows for near-instant deployment for medical deliveries, emergency services...


image provided by pixabay

New Chinese Radar Penetrates US Navy’s Toughest Jamming Jet

The Chinese PLA navy’s ‘kill web’ defeated the US Navy’s EA-18G “Growler” electronic warfare (EW) systems using innovative AI. Chinese media released videos showing that...