Maritime vessel. image by pixabay

Unmanned Vessels – Influencing Wars By 2030

The US Navy Chief of Operations is interested in deploying unmanned or minimally manned vessels with strike groups as soon as the next five...
Image by pixabay

Facial Expressions Are Key To Successful Human-Machine Teaming

Research at the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory showed that emotional cues such as facial expressions and body language can...
Dog;. image by pixabay

A Man’s Best Friend – Even In The Heat of Battle

One of Singapore's largest technology companies is experimenting with soldiers and robot dogs cooperating during combat missions. ST Engineering plans to upgrade the Vision...
combat warships. image by pixabay

US Military Adapts Intelligent Autonomous Systems

The threats facing the US are evolving rapidly and the technologies available to warfighters around the world are advancing faster than ever while much...
Robot and human. image by pixabay

The Potential of AI-Human Teaming

Artificial intelligence will be an integral part of the future battlefield. AI Technologies will eventually reduce the number of soldiers in harm’s way, however,...
Gun. pixababy

US Air Force Tests Al and Drones to Stop Shooters

It is a difficult fact to admit that the US is amid a shooter epidemic. More and more US schools and institutions are increasing...

Second Israeli Initiative for Drone Advancement Under Way

In the framework of the National Drone Initiative, the Israeli Innovation Agency is inviting technological Israeli companies to submit grant requests as part of...
Photo illustration Wikimedia

UK To Develop Unmanned Anti-Submarine Helicopter

A new announcement from the UK's Ministry of Defense proclaims that aviation modernization will not be slowing down anytime soon. A new contract has...
fighterjet. image by pixabay

Super Hornet and UAVs – Controlling Swarms Right from The Cockpit

The Pentagon has proclaimed time and time again that it seems as though manned-unmanned teaming, collaboration between piloted planes and autonomous drones/robotic wingmen, as...
Tram. image by pixabay

Russia Is on Its Way to Implement Autonomous Trams

Soon, trams equipped with enhanced security features will be active on the streets of one of the biggest cities in Europe, St. Petersburg. Innovative...

Ice Breaker – Groundbreaking Israeli Missile

The Israeli company Rafael has unveiled a new long-range strike missile, with built-in autonomous capabilities and a range of 300 kilometers. According to Rafael...
Drone swarm illust. Image by Pvt. James Newsome, US Army

Discover The Future at AUS&R 2022 – Unmanned Systems and Robotics...

Our lives are becoming increasingly reliant on unmanned tools and systems. Marine, air, and ground unmanned systems lead the military industry, and are catching...
US Army Swarm Illustration by US Army

U.S. Army Will Demonstrate Drones That Behave Like a Wolf Pack

Later this year, U.S. forces will study UAV swarms within Project Convergence, which will be conducted with the Marine Corps and the Army.  Edge 22...
Ghost Bat, Phot by Boeing

Ghost Bat Joins The Royal Air Force

As early as 2020, the aerospace giant revealed it was working on developing an evasive multipurpose drone for the Royal Australian Air Force. The...
Drone illis. Photo by Ievhenii_Putiata, Pixabay

Dallas PD New Drone Unit

Dallas Police Department in Texas, USA, has officially launched its Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program after six years of research and experimentation. The UAV group...
The US Navy’s MQ-8C Fire Scout uncrewed helicopter developed by Northrop Grumman. Photo by US Navy,

USMC Demonstrates Manned-Unmanned Teaming

Collaboration between man and machine is one way of reducing the risks among staff, automating complex tasks and coordinating human and machine factors in...
IAI-Searcher, Itayba, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Russia-Ukraine War: Israeli Technology Used By Russian Forces

Russian weapons systems are on display in the war that the country started against Ukraine. Russian Defense Ministry officials confirmed earlier last week that...
drones photo illus. by Pixabay

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iHLS is proud to present AUS&R 2022 – the Unmanned Systems and Robotics Conference – the tenth annual event. AUS&R will be held on July...
Gambit, Photo by GA-ASI

Gambit, the New UAV for the US Military

Gambit, a robotic unmanned aerial vehicle powered by a jet engine, is the latest drone launch from General Atomics, an American company that specializes...
Photo illust US Air Force

UAV Drone Market to Reach 102 Billion by 2030

UAVs and drones are gaining in popularity not only for the military industry, but also across a variety of industries in recent years. The UAV...
Photo illus. by BAE Systems

UK’s Biggest Defense Company Successfully Test-Flew Manned-Unmanned Teams

A new way to rapidly add payloads and platforms to the aerial fleet, thus improving mission efficiency and combating rival technology, has successfully passed...
Photo illust. US Navy

New Israeli Consortium will Tackle Human-Robot Interaction

Autonomous robotic platforms currently operate in a “sterile” human-free environment, such as logistics centers and automated production and assembly lines. Integrating robots in a...