big data

The Dark Side of Big Data

Along the huge advantages of big data as a source of efficient, real-time insights for the benefit of commercial and security sector applications, this...
Facial Recognition Can Cause Privacy Problems

New Startup Wants To Bolster Your Privacy

In today’s world, almost no one can hide from the authorities. There are cameras everywhere now, and with facial recognition algorithms your face could...

Selfies to Provide Strictest Level Authentication

Cybercrime will become one of the greatest threats of our time, and this is particularly true for banks and insurers, who will increasingly look...
face recognition

World’s Highest-Performance Face Recognition Tech to Be Exposed

A new face recognition server software using deep learning technology will be released this year. This high-precision face recognition software can identify faces that...
big data for security

Disruptive Technologies Were Showcased at iHLS Big Data for Security &...

The consequences of the Big Data revolution in all the technological fields and the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with this regard were the...
body camera

World’s First Panoramic Body Camera

The body camera has been in use by law enforcement officers for more than a decade. Such video devices provide what experts called a...

Department Of Defence To Invest In Biometrics

Things like lightning fast DNA processing, biometrics recognition based on iris scans, thumbprint or voice patterns and video face recognition from vast distances seemed...

Private Biometric Database of Prison Inmates

Private biometric registries have been entering US law enforcement agencies. The Inmate Recognition Identification System, or IRIS, is a registry that allows law enforcement...
emotion scanning

Emotion Scanning to Revolutionize Intelligence Capabilities

The ability to tell us live in real time what a certain person is feeling and give insight into certain personality traits which can...
autonomous transportation

Face Recognition Will Secure Autonomous Transportation

An integration program in the autonomous transportation field was recently announced. NEXT Future Transportation, a modular vehicle solutions provider and Digital Barriers, which expertises...

Robocop – The Chinese Version

China is continuing its trend of robotizing human jobs. After replacing pharmacists with robots and developing a robotic police patrol officer, China wants technology...
smart command center

Singapore Establishes Smart Command Center Based on Facial Recognition

Singapore's law enforcers have teamed up with Japanese technology giant NEC to form a concept Smart Command Center, in an attempt to fight crime...
facial recognition

Innovation in Facial Recognition Benefits Police Officers

Facial recognition technologies will enhance police officers capabilities. Digital Barriers, a UK-headquartered company, has struck an agreement in which it will provide live facial...
video analytics

Biometric Technologies as Innovative Aspect of Video Analytics

Video analytics can be used for various purposes - motion detection for security, facial recognition & license plate reading, people counting for retail stores...
facial biometric technology

Wider Usage of Facial Biometric Technology

The elevated global terrorist threat as perceived by the authorities in various states has resulted in the enhancement of countering measures and legislation procedures....
surveillance systems

Unprecedented Massive Deployment of Surveillance Systems

Over 20 million cutting-edge security cameras have been installed by China in what is believed to be the world's most advanced surveillance system. The...
facial recognition

New Tech to Uncover Face Behind Mask

Facial recognition technologies are not new. However, what about identifying the actual identity of people under disguise? Researchers from the University of Cambridge are...
facial recognition

Facial Recognition Technology Helps Law Enforcement

New York City has been employing facial recognition technology extensively. The technology has helped lead to the arrest of more than 4,000 people involved...
artificial intelligence

More Public-Private Development Required in AI Tech

Geospatial imagery, facial recognition and other biometrics are driving the intelligence community’s research into artificial intelligence (AI). Other intelligence activities, such as human language...
biometric identification

Is Biometric Identification a 100% Safe?

Innovation in biometric identification offer an exciting new frontier in security, with the global biometric system market expected to reach an estimated $32.4 billion...

New Emergency Function by Smartphone Giants

Apple's new operating system will come with an option to lock your iPhone's fingerprint scanner and bring up a hotline to the police. The...
facial recognition

Facial Recognition Technology is Under Controversy

Police departments in the world have been experimenting the use of facial recognition technologies during events with massive crowds in an attempt to prevent...


Guido de Croon / TU Delft|MAV Lab

Tiny Drone Gets AI Eyes to Navigate Autonomously

An autonomous navigation system for small, light drones inspired by insects combines visual homing (using visual cues for orientation) with odometry (measuring distance in...