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Illustration (123rf)
Illustration (123rf)

Small, unmanned aerial vehicles can be monitoring you this very instant, recording your every move for some shady purpose. At least that’s what U.S. company APlus Mobile, the developer of a new personal drone detector, wants you to think.

This according to the company’s new Kickstarter page. APlus recently launched a crowd funding project, hoping to reach a goal of 8,500 dollars to help development.

After a relatively disturbing opening – the constantly growing number of drones, lack of legislation concerning civilian drones and diminishing privacy – it’s easy to get convinced that you have to take a stand and protect yourself from the tiny flying spies hovering above.

Unmanned Systems Event 2014 – Israel

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The new detector, explains APlus, isn’t designed to detect highly sophisticated military aircraft – the goal is to detect small, civilian aircraft that have to get within close reach of their targets. The product itself is a system of sensors connected to a mesh network. The sensors home in on moving transmitters using triangulation and alert the user.

The mesh network allows owners to add sensors to the system as they see fit and adapt it to cover areas of varying sizes. The way the sensors communicate with each other allows the network to keep functioning properly even if some sensors are neutralized or disrupted, with the user controlling all this relatively easily, through a smartphone or tablet computer.

The company is attempting to present the new system as “the first line of defense” against drones threatening our privacy. Is that really the case? We can’t really be sure yet, but the market for civilian drones does seem to be picking up speed. In addition to legislative efforts focusing on this new market, several incidents have already been recorded – including one in the current FIFA world cup.