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Experts believe the Chinese are also spying on Israeli companies.

26245131_m featureBeijing reacted with anger following the recent U.S. indictment of several Chinese military officers on charges of cyber espionage, and pointed out the Americans’ double standards. The Chinese Foreign Ministry later summoned the U.S. Ambassador. The Chinese Global Times newspaper, that usually serves as the voice of the regime, criticized the publication of the officers’ pictures by U.S. authorities. In an extended editorial the Global Times writer claimed that the U.S. is the largest, most insidious espionage superpower in the world.

Sources in the Israeli cyber industry believe that Israeli technology companies are also targets of Chinese espionage efforts, not to mention defense companies. Some explain that recently there’s a trend of blurred lines between public state authorities and the largest cyber-espionage private firms. “It’s not unusual for a nation to invest in industrial espionage as a nation. It’s very common, in fact.”

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According to one industry expert the Chinese reaction has to do mostly with cultural differences between their country and the West. “People tend to forget cultural differences. We view industrial espionage as wrong, but according to Chinese culture it’s legitimate and routine. It’s similar to the Iranian deception involving their nuclear program.”