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Horace Frank, Commander of the LAPD’s IT Bureau, told iHLS that during the tour he has seen some unique Israeli tech. “Among the impressive technologies that we saw are long-range observation systems and all kinds of intelligence gathering and storage tech.”

“We saw some Israeli systems, that, to my opinion, can help us in performing our mission. These systems can replace existing ones, like helicopters, that are very expensive to operate and require a lot of logistics.”

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security


“We’re already in contact with Israeli tech firms, but during this visit we realized just how much they invest in developing new technologies. We’ve seen new things, some of which can definitely be very useful to us in Los Angeles.”

The visit ends today, to be followed soon by other law enforcement and HLS-related delegations from around the world.

“Israel is a world leader in several areas having to do with HLS, due to the constant threat of terror. This fact draws global attention to us. We’re already in contact with several other foreign organizations, arranging similar fact-finding delegations in order to present them with local tech and create a mutually beneficial dialogue,” said Guy Keren, iHLS CEO.