The most prestigious Startup stage in the world

iHLS Startup festival is hosting the Startup Live competition. Around 100 startup companies will participate in the festival, carefully selected from the leading accelerators in the Startup Nation, from a wide variety of fields: Nano-technology, Cyber, Machine Vision, Medical devices, IoT, VR/AR, and more. The participating companies will be offered the chance to display their activity among entrepreneurs and investors from both Israel and abroad. The technology and innovation community, who already made its mark in the global high-tech world, is displaying in this festival a wellspring of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The goal of this event is for investors and industry leaders to connect and meet face to face with startup companies and accelerators, to empower and renew technological knowledge, to create together, and find together the support to promote ideas and initiatives in the Israeli ecosystem. Israel, already a technological arena with a place of honor in the world, has the ability to choose what will be the future development who many are already waiting to use.   Think you have what it takes? Come join us. If you are looking to promote your idea, this is the place for you. Register now to be a part of the Israeli innovation and maybe you could live the dream. If you are a greenhouse startup and are looking to show your ideas, this is the place for you. Join the huge event of the Israeli startup community. All this will take place at the startup festival on March 29th, with an exhibition of accelerators and startups, as well as lounge areas and round tables for entrepreneurs, investors VC funds owners, and leaders of the industry.  
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