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Hitachi Insight Group, responsible for leading Hitachi Ltd.’s global unified internet of things business, recently introduced new software updates in its smart cities portfolio, which the company launched in May 2016. These updates include Hitachi Digital Evidence Management and Hitachi Smart Camera 200. These are aimed to extend the capabilities of Hitachi’s smart city portfolio by providing enhanced situational awareness, workflow automation, distributed intelligence and the ability to perform real-time computing and analysis at the network edge. According to the company, these developments can result in faster time to insight, a reduction in data transmission costs and the amount of data that needs to be stored and managed at the core.

Hitachi is now bringing its portfolio to the market as a complete adaptable and intelligent solution for smart cities called Hitachi City Intelligence. The main goal is to form a solution that helps users collect, integrate, manage and store video and other IoT data more effectively and perform rich analysis and extract critical business, operational and security insights in real time.

As reported on, in order to advance Hitachi City’s distributed intelligence, asset management and advanced analytic capabilities, the company now working to integrate the solution with Lumada, Hitachi’s IoT platform, to develop solution cores for the smart city market. Hitachi City Intelligence gives customers across the city ecosystem the ability to obtain greater value from their video and IoT data. It is designed to help government, law enforcement, transportation agencies and private enterprises to achieve better business and improved operational efficiencies, enhanced citizen, customer and employee experiences, and increased security.

Among the latest advancements in the portfolio:

Hitachi Digital Evidence Management (DEM): The volume and variety of evidence in digital format is exploding, creating complexity and increased need for human administrative resources to manage, control access and share evidence. Hitachi DEM addresses these challenges with sophisticated file-type agnostic digital evidence storage and management that’s attached to case numbers with role-based access and read/write permissions. Hitachi DEM provides a simple user interface and a robust forensic chain of custody for digital assets in law enforcement, enterprise security and operational incident management environments. Fully integrated with HVS, Hitachi DEM provides a geospatial view of evidence and case details and can be hosted either on-premises or in the cloud.

Hitachi Smart Camera 200: This is a turnkey security camera and video intelligence sensor that provides compute and storage capabilities at the network edge. Hitachi Smart Camera readily connects to any cellular or WiFi network and is fully interoperable with most industry video management systems (VMS), which can be pre-loaded onboard to further simplify setup and deployment. It also offers integration with HVS for instant GPS-based location mapping, intrusion alerts and streaming video insights. Hitachi Smart Camera supports up to 1TB of onboard storage and is ideal for parking lots, franchises, parks, and other distributed areas without direct cable or secure WiFi access.