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More electronic warfare (EW) technologies have emerged as a counter unmanned aerial systems weapon. Recently, Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) successfully showcased its SkyCAP counter Unmanned Aerial System (CUAS) capability at tactical demonstrations for the United States Government. The exercises validated SkyCAP as a viable and effective system solution for lightweight dismounted, on-the-move tactical vehicle platforms, and fixed-site infrastructure protection, according to the company’s website.

SNC, whose electronic warfare technology is proven in critical environments worldwide, wrapped up a Black Dart CUAS Joint exercise this month at Eglin Air Force Base. The exercise was based on expeditionary, fixed-site and on-the-move CUAS technology.

The company’s next generation, multifunctional EW systems are designed for protection in multi-domain battlefield environments.

In April, the company sent engineers to Yuma, Arizona, to perform multiple UAS defeat missions supporting Joint Service operational requirements. Missions included detecting, tracking, identifying and defeating UAS threats representative of what U.S. and coalition forces face in forward deployed locations.

To meet the government requirements, SNC leveraged and adapted its currently operationally deployed, dismounted Advanced EW System – Modular (AEWS-M) based system. This new multifunction variant is known as SkyCAP.

The new system provides superior UAS identification and radio frequency (RF) defeat performance. Performance of the dismounted system has demonstrated its immediate readiness and relevance to the Joint Force for dismounted and expeditionary CUAS protection.  

Integrated with industry-leading tactical radar detection and electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) sensors, the exercises validated SkyCAP as a viable system solution for fixed-site security, critical infrastructure protection and vehicular platform integration with on-the-move detection, tracking, identification, and defeat.