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A new Video IoT Platform for security and commercial uses has been released recently by Gorilla Technology, a global provider of video intelligence and IoT technology. The integration of the company’s Edge Computing and Cloud Storage Solutions with Dell Embedded Box PC 3000 and 5000 Series offers comprehensive, video-centric IoT applications.

According to, the Video IoT solutions and Dell Embedded Box PCs supply customers with cost-effective, flexible storage solution. The collaboration provides added business value for a variety of industries, thus enabling shorter lead times for device connectivity, remote manageability, and edge analytics.

Applications include:

Smart Retail – a comprehensive marketing and video analytics solution delivering real-time reports including people counting, shopper demographics, in-store behaviors and customer feedback for a better understanding of store performances.

Smart School – a cloud-based learning center with built-in features to enable live streaming video, lecture recording, course management and attendance tracking within a secure environment.

Smart Enterprise – a two-factor biometric automated attendance solution integrated with existing PIN, barcode and RFID badge systems. Record staff clock-in/clock-out hours, monitor employee and visitor access and manage vehicle parking.

Smart Surveillance – an advanced analytics application for extracting insights across multiple locations, providing real-time search for tracking people and vehicles, monitor VIPs or unwelcome guests using a watch list, notify operators and identify intruders in restricted areas.

According to the company’s website, the Complete surveillance solution with cloud-enabled features includes streaming, recording, monitoring, and video analytics capabilities for CCTV or security cameras. It supports open standard codecs or protocols to work with any kind of IP cameras or existing surveillance systems.

The system’s Smart Surveillance can be easily integrated into existing surveillance systems, enabling numerous cameras situated in different locations or sites connect to a central hub. A remote administration so that operators can keep track of cameras and manage multiple feeds simultaneously.

Tracking people, objects or vehicles in real time, the system can create a watch list of unusual activities in chronological order, quickly identify suspects using a predefined list with intrusion detection and alert security personnel upon event occurrence by implementing Push Notifications API.