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The program is about to open its second cycle. The program is focused on various fields such as perimeter security, cyber, training and simulations, medical technologies, IOT, Big Data, unmanned systems and more

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The first HLS start-up accelerator

About Us

iHLS Startups Accelerator

Even in the world of startups, filled with breathtaking innovations, it is possible to bring  something new –soon the very first accelerator in the world for military, defense and homeland security will begin operating.
The initiative comes from iHLS, which deals with homeland security and has become an international center for knowledge in the field while gaining a lot of interest from leading companies, both in Israel and the world, who intend to take an active role in the program.
The companies that can already be named as joining this initiative are Israeli Aerospace  Industries (IAI), Incubit – Elbit System’s Technology Incubator, Verint, HFN, LightHouse – Amos Talmor and more.

Participants will enjoy a quality ecosystem which will include, among other things,  Mentors from the industry, lectures by various technological and professional experts in  different fields ­ as well as meetings with representatives of leading companies, investors  and delegations from across the globe. In addition, the startups will receive extensive  exposure in various conferences held by iHLS, as well as in the publications in various  media channels focused on defense and homeland security.

The iHLS Accelerator will be managed by Tal Catran, a serial accelerators builder and all around professional mentor. Tal has an extensive knowledge in HLS and Defense related technologies as well as hands-on experience in focusing and accelerating startups to meet their targets. Tal is also an international public speaker on entrepreneurship and Tech innovations, resulting in a vast global networking relations.